Sunday, 2 September 2012

A new twist in the Croydon\Wandsworth privatisation tale!

Of the three remaining bids for the Croydon\Wandsworth Libraries contract the one i thought had least chance now appears to be the front runner? The Wandsworth Libraries in-house management bidders have now re-branded themselves as South London Library and Cultural Services (SLLCS), "a private company with charity status" Is this just another way of softening the sound of privatisation, making it more palatable to voters?

"A council document said the SLLCS would work as a separate company to the council, with current staff being transferred to the new company.

It said: "This creation of an external company, independent of the council, would complement the council’s big society policies and would help towards the general council aim of smaller government."

"But Colin Crilly, of Wandsworth Against Cuts, said: "Wandsworth Council are considering letting the Wandsworth library service run Wandsworth libraries. You couldn't make it up could you?"
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But where does all this leave the other two bidders, JLIS and GLL?


  1. This is good news! If someone new has to be picked to run Wandsworth's Libraries, let's hope it is the people who already know how to run Wandsworth Libraries rather than a bunch of builders in suits looking for an investment opportunity!

    1. Thanks for your comment 'Anonymous', if you work for Wandsworth Council then i understand why you choose not to use your real name but if not then please use it!
      I wouldn't go as far as to say that "this is good news" but i do understand and agree to certain extent with your point. The problem is that existing Wandsworth Library Workers who find themselves transferred over to SLLCS will probably find that their terms and conditions etc will be eroded along with their job security, look what's happening in Scotland at the moment also in Greenwich which i know is a slightly different situation but relevant.
      Also by creating this company Wandsworth are trying to divest the service which has serious implications for accountability and local democracy, it's also not being done for the savings involved, these are tiny, but for ideological reasons. This is why the whole procurement and privatisation process has to be resisted and stopped!