Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Red Quadrant

Red Quadrant are a consultancy firm specialising in the Public Sector and have over the years been heavily involved in Public Library transformation projects, in fact here are some of the projects they've been involved with;

The London Library Change Programme (LLCP) in my opinion was run along the lines of a masonic lodge, secret and only for the privileged few namely members of the ALCL, CLOA, the now defunct MLA and the consultants of course! No one outside this circle was privy to the reports and findings and no one outside of the group really knows what impact the programme has had, except that their 'workforce benchmarking' study with it's proposals to cut the London Library workforce by 10% might have already hit its target?
The Future Libraries Programme - see my previous post for details

The MLA Community Libraries Programme
An £80m lottery funded project for 58 authorities to refurbish 77 libraries, at it's core was 'community involvement' which included volunteering and the concept of community 'hubs'.

Camden Libraries consultation
Seen by many to be deeply flawed and loaded towards the council's agenda to divest or close libraries, see and and

Brent Libraries Core Offer - is there really any need to say more on this?

"The same consultancy firm, Red Quandrant, is advising Camden and Brent on how to make cuts."

They are also very keen on introducing retail strategies and techniques into Public Library management:

"We undertook an overview of good practice and shared marketing expertise in Central Bedfordshire Council, and also undertook of innovation seminars that explored retail techniques and evaluation to improve a more strategic approach to ‘selling’ the service offer."

they offer something called 'Library Safaris' which help staff view libraries from a retail perspective. and they recently posted this on Lis Pub Libs.

Oh and did i also mention that they sponsor Library Camp?

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