Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Private company to run Osceola County libraries - My Fox Orlando | Florida : 12th December


Osceola County Commissioners voted Monday night to turn over control of the county's library system to a private, for-profit, company.

"The county's former library director, Ed Kilroy, spoke out against the privatization at the board meeting. He fears the savings just won't add up.
"I think what we're going to find as they get further into the contract, I think there are going to be some unintended consequences that they are not aware of, nor have they truly vetted it," Kilroy said."
"One retired librarian who worked in Osceola County for 16 years, is concerned about her former co-workers.
"I hope things will continue as they have been, but for some it will be hard on the employees," said Vicki Edy."
"Osceola County leaders say all the current employees will stay and be able to keep their seniority and state benefits, but will have to reapply for their jobs."

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cities see benefit in library transition—Really…? Not really - Save Santa Clarita Libraries


Simi Valley City in California are pushing hard to privatise their library system before the AB438 Bill comes into force on 01/01/12, the bill would require them to undertake a cost-benefit analysis and to engage with users and the wider community. You have to ask yourself what is going on, why are cities and authorities behaving in this manner, what has happened to accountability, openness and fairness?

Tuesday, 6 December 2011