Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tories brand library consultation a 'sham' - The Hounslow Chronicle - 26/09/12

"Conservative Group leader, councillor Peter Thompson said: "The consultation was held during the summer holidays and the Olympics, no wonder the response was so low, ward councillors were not even told about it.
"The consultation should be re-run and announced so everyone is aware that, again, libraries are under threat and that their voice must be heard. The final question in the consultation of the option to 're-locate library sites' is ominous as this means closure."
Conservative deputy leader, Cllr Liz Mammatt, called the consultation "a sham".

"The strategy's main options suggested placing other Council services within libraries and also relocating existing libraries to more convenient sites to release funding."

"Residents and local groups are also unhappy with the consultation. Suzie Betlem, president of the Brentford Chamber of Commerce, said: "I would definitely support a re-consultation. Libraries are extremely important in our community, especially for school children using it for educational purposes, and I feel not enough was done to advertise the consultation."
"The council could have slipped in a form with our council tax letters, then everyone would have seen it, even if they did not choose to fill it in."

There are 44,937 registered library users in Hounslow and there where 250 responses to the 'consultation', which Labour thinks is a good outcome!

Yet another sham library consultation and another slap in the face for local democracy and accountability.

John Laing Integrated Services (JLIS) run Hounslow Libraries, so it just goes to show privatisation doesn't protect services from the ravages of austerity cuts!


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