Sunday, 14 December 2014

Privatisation in Bromley and closures, cuts and volunteers in Harrow.



Bromley Council invites residents to have their say on future of borough’s libraries

"Residents have been asked to air their views on proposals to hand over the management of libraries to external providers.
The borough’s remaining libraries would be subject to a full market testing exercise, which would see the council examine options to outsource management to an external provider.
The council also plans to look at relocating or refurbishing existing libraries and upgrading IT services."
Proposed cuts to Harrow library services announced
"The closure of four libraries is just one of the options proposed by Harrow Borough Council to save money in next year’s budget.
They are Bob Lawrence Library, in Edgware, Hatch End Library, in the Harrow Arts Centre, North Harrow Library, in Pinner Road, and Rayners Lane Library, in Imperial Drive.
Another option put forward by the council is to cut opening hours at all libraries, apart from Gayton Library, to 22 and a half hours per week, which would save the council £250,000.
A third option put forward by the council is to give community groups the chance to run library services, with the council only paying for new stock and computer provision."
for the petition to Save the Bob Lawrence Library see;, the campaign is also on twitter @librarymuststay
Campaigner dismisses culture minister's visit to threatened Harrow libraries as 'political stunt'
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Sajid Javid, visits North Harrow library
North Harrow community to join together to fight for library

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  1. It seems there is an endless round of cuts, year after year after year. What will the councils do when there is nothing left to cut? How about cutting councillors and their expenses?