Sunday, 3 March 2013

Library campaigners organise public meeting for Tuesday - Postcode Gazette - 03/03/13

"Sheffield Communities Against Library Privatisation (SCALP) is holding a public meeting this Tuesday (March 5).
Campaigners say none of Sheffield’s 28 community libraries should close after the current review into their future concludes next month.

The council has warned that 14 will close if alternative means of meeting their running cots are not found, as the council struggles to makes £50 million of spending cuts from April.

Businesses and community groups are currently being sought to help run libraries, which might see their range of services extended to include things like coffee shops.

The meeting rakes place at Central United Reform Church, Norfolk St/Chapel Walk at 6.30pm. All are welcome."

for more on the cuts see

"* Library budget to be cut by £1.6m, putting 14 of 27 community libraries at risk of closure"

"....and the council admitted up to 14 of 27 libraries could close - but it hopes to avoid any closures by inviting third parties to bid to run them."

also SCALP can be found on Facebook at


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