Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Motion on the privatisation of Harrow Library Service.

This is a motion put forward by two Harrow Tory Councillors;

(6) Libraries Motion
To be moved by Councillor Barry Macleod-Cullinane and seconded by Councillor Paul Osborn:
“This Council believes that party manifestos are promises made to Harrow residents, and that promises should be kept.
This Council is therefore of the view that an administration elected on a manifesto that promised three times it would not privatise “our superb in-house library service”, should not be taking steps to privatise or outsource Harrow’s libraries.
So that trust between the Council and residents can be maintained, this Council urges the administration to cease its so-called ‘Commissioning of Libraries’programme.”

and this is the amendment proposed by two Labour Councillors;

Labour Amended Libraries Motion

The below motion is an amendment to the Tory Motion on Libraries, to be debated at full
Council in July 2012.

To be moved by Councillor David Perry and seconded by Councillor Sue Anderson

“This Council believes that party manifestos are a statement of intent which gives Harrow
residents a clear indication of what a party intends to do if elected.
Council notes that the current Labour administration stood for office on numerous manifesto
pledges in the 2010 local council elections recognising that

”the superb in-house library


in Harrow is a vital resource for our residents, who use its services for enrichment,

networking, education and learning.
Council notes that In order to protect such a valued service in the face of unprecedented
government cuts in funding to local Councils, all avenues of potential savings must be
explored in order to preserve the service for Harrow residents long into the future.
This Council supports the current Labour administration’s search for a solution which in spite
of the unnecessary Government cuts, keeps the spirit of the manifesto pledge by keeping all
libraries open and enhancing the library offer for all its users. Council further notes the
commitment to retain strategic sovereignty over the direction of the service.
So that trust between the Council and residents can be maintained, this Council urges the
Administration to pursue solutions which enable delivery of the intent in the Labour manifesto
which is to provide a sustainable, superb library service for the people of Harrow.
This Council instructs the Chief Executive to write to all Harrow’ MPs within the next month to
outline this Council’s concern over the future of our library service being threatened by the
Conservative led coalition government funding cuts”.

So Labour is pro-privatisation and the Tories are anti!

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