Sunday, 26 February 2012

LSSI's written evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee

Reading this you could mistakenly believe that LSSI is a philanthropic organisation only interested in the literacy levels and well being of poor little children and not a library company bankrolled by a private equity firm seeking to turn a profit!

"LSSI is concerned that library closures can have devastating long term effects on communities. By taking away libraries’ capacity to develop early literacy skills in our children, educational attainment will suffer. In turn, these children will be less employable as they mature and as a result society will be less able to benefit from their contributions – instead the health and welfare systems will suffer from their reliance on the State."

They also cleverly articulate the diversification mantra that all authorities now want to hear;

" LSSI is also convinced of the value of libraries as community hubs – 7 day a week buildings offering access to advice and information on health, childcare, planning, crime prevention, school applications and a range of leisure and social activities. The good ones also act as the base for a range of outreach services including meals on wheels, literacy programmes, fitness for the housebound and good neighbour programmes. Making better use of the libraries to deliver these services is central to the LSSI approach to management. It delivers more value for the money invested in libraries and can generate income in its own right."


  1. To be strictly accurate, it is not more probable that LSSI is bankrolling the private equity firm?

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  3. Ian i'm not an expert on this but as far as i am aware Islington Capital Partners recapitalised LSSI and i assumed that this meant that they had been partially bought out by them?