Friday, 17 February 2012

LSSI exec Pezzanite doesn’t understand “emotional” library women - - 04/07/11

"The hits just keep coming with this guy. He can’t help but say offensive things when it comes to public libraries and their advocates. This time, he insulted an SCVTalk reader and library-booster, Lori Rivas, after she went to a library conference in New Orleans and spoke out against privatization:"

The Darth Vader of the library world, Frank Pezzanite, puts his foot in his mouth again! The comments on the article are worth reading too, especially the ones from Lori Rivas, the Santa Clarita Library campaigner;

"Though I hope LSSI offers great libraries to the community, “great libraries” will not compel me to use…just like “low prices” do not compel me to shop a Wal-Mart, or Sunday coupons do not compel me to buy junk food, so it is that whatever our libraries end up being, I am not compelled to use their services."

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