Friday, 1 March 2013

More on the Croydon Libraries contract fiasco

"We reproduce Labour's press release which was posted by a member on our Facebook page, along with further clarification and an audio extract for those not present at the meeting."

"At last night's council meeting Cllr Tim Pollard shocked everyone by announcing that it's back to the drawing board for libraries. Here is the transcript of his announcement."

"Library services in the borough are to go back out to tender after the council's preferred bidder changed its offer at the last minute.
The council is to reconsider selecting John Laing Integrated Services to run the libraries after the private firm altered proposed pension terms, triggering a reselection process.
Both John Laing and rival bidder Greenwich Leisure Limited are to resubmit new bids and are allowed to amend any part of their offers."

"Following an announcement about the status of the Libraries Outsourcing contract, made by Cllr Tim Pollard at a meeting of the full council in Croydon on 26th February, there have been a number of wholly misleading reports put about by Labour and its supporters on what the situation really is."

"Despite warnings from Labour councillors in previous meeting and widespread public opposition, Cllr Fisher’s Tory administration dream of selling off our much loved libraries lay in tatters last night as Laing’s integrated services spectacularly pulled the plug on Croydon – despite being handed hundreds of millions of pounds of our money as taxpayers from Croydon Conservatives."

"THE running of the borough's libraries is up for grabs again after the contract with the preferred bidder fell through.
John Laing Integrated Services (JILS), the former preferred bidder, says it will now re-bid against a former competitor to run the libraries instead of the council."

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