Wednesday, 1 August 2012

More from Harrow!

Mr Wylie

You ask what has changed since 2009, the answer to this is the
Government cutting 28% of funding to local authorities (this equates to
well over £50 million pound over 4 years).

When local Councillors are faced with this level of funding reductions,
difficult decisions will need to be made. It is not just our library
service which we are exploring savings from, but all services and
budgets across the whole Council.

With regards to the 2011 cultural services consultation, I am fully
aware of the results, but it must be mentioned that 60% of the people
who responded ticked 'they do not use the library service'. The one
omission we missed out of the consultation was to include the question,
‘Do you want to keep Libraries open?’...If this question was inserted
then I am sure the response would have been 100%, and this is exactly
what the Labour administration has always said we would do.

As stated below no final decisions have been taken on this issue. A
decision is due in December 2012.


Cllr. David Perry
Marlborough Ward
Portfolio Holder for Community & Cultural Services

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