Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I know it's not about privatisation or libraries but i have got other strings to my bow you know!


The heart urges me back to where
Childhood memories are fondest
To the putting greens and cafes,
Warm days in a sea-side town.

To the card games and washing-line
Beach front escapades with a loving

I sometimes long to venture back.
But places change, as have I,
And fond memories are
Best kept, not broken.

What I fear most

What I fear most is
Becoming a lone man in a park
Plotting my own downfall
With a 'Superbrew' fix on reality.

God knows what fears
Or hopes they cling to.
Their environment seemingly
Custom made,
Small men in small parks,
Lost in a place that was
Once their own.

I see these men as I
traverse London.
My gut reaction is to smile,
A spark of recognition.
But I stumble past
Fearing contact,
A conversation too close
To the bone!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely poems. '...a Superbrew fix on reality'..Breaker Malt Liquer as I remember!