Monday, 20 February 2012

Judge Blocks Simi Valley from Privatizing, For Now - Library Journal - 20/02/12

"Ventura County Superior Court Judge Henry Walsh temporarily blocked Simi Valley from contracting with a private company to run its library. Although the city expects to receive proposals to run the library by the end of February, on February 7th, Walsh ruled that the city cannot contract with a private library services company such as Library Systems & Services (LSSI), which already runs two nearby libraries, until the case’s next hearing. At that hearing, on April 9, the plaintiffs will seek a preliminary injunction."

Simi Valley Council and LSSI tried to push through the privatisation process before AB438 came into force a bill which requires cities to show cost savings before privatising, and bans any loss of jobs or benefits for existing library staff. So much for democracy and accountability!

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