Friday, 12 February 2016

Solidarity to Lambeth, Greenwich and Bromley Library Workers!

This week library workers in Lambeth (Unison), Greenwich (Unite) and Bromley (Unite) have all taken strike action against cuts, privatisation and paid/trained staff being replaced by volunteers.

On Monday Lambeth Unison was successful in bringing out it's members and closing all libraries in the borough. This is part of a long running dispute over cuts to the service and proposals to turn 3 libraries into "bookish gyms" run by Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL)


Greenwich library workers on 4 day strike to oppose the closure of mobile library service (run by GLL)

Bromley and Greenwich library staff on strike amid potential cuts

Bromley & Greenwich library strikes

10 February 2016
Libaries in Bromley were closed as a result of Unite's members industrial action and Unite is also mobilising its members in Greenwich. There was a great turnout of striking members outside of Bromley South station, which was followed with a rally and march along the high street.
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Bromley library protesters

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  1. Great work Alan, am posting this to all members in Hackney, a real sense of fightback
    Great comments on Speak Up For Libraries – crisis or opportunity?
    will send that as well