Saturday, 28 February 2015

Lambeth and Bromley.


Lambeth are once again looking to cut their library service, not very 'co-operative' of the 'co-operative council'!

Lambeth Council Cultural Consultation: Libraries hardest hit as residents asked to patch up service
"Lambeth Council wants to close the Minet and Waterloo Libraries. It proposes to flog on the land to developers. £10m is expected to be raised. This will then be invested in an endowment fund. Profit from this will then ‘enable’ residents to run the Durning, Carnegie and Upper Norwood Libraries. Council funding for these three will stop.
Ending the funding for 50% of libraries in Lambeth is essentially on the table here. The Minet and Waterloo account for 8% of all library books borrowed in the borough. The other three libraries where funding will be stopped make up 15% of library use – that’s 23% of Lambeth library book borrowing being wiped out."

Campaigners loudly protest latest budget cuts
"As well as libraries, children’s centres and day centres are also in the firing line,” said Jon Rogers, Lambeth Unison branch secretary. “We will contest every single cut.”

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Bromley are taking a leaf or two out of Barnet's book and looking to privatise most of their services and workforce, withdraw union facility time and last but not least decimate it's library service.

Last chance to have say on libraries
"Library users can provide their views on proposals for Community Management at the six community libraries in the borough and market testing for the management of the core service."

Bromley staff balloted for strike action over ‘privatisation’ plans
"Council staff in Bromley are being balloting for strike action over claims it is to reduce its workforce from 3,000 to 300.
Unite regional officer, Onay Kasab, said: ‘Unite is drawing a line in the sand over the drive by this Tory council hell-bent on privatising and outsourcing much valued public services, such as libraries."
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