Wednesday 20 November 2013

Carillion threaten Library staff with redundancies.

Only 4 weeks after taking over the contracts for Croydon, Hounslow, Harrow and Ealing Libraries from JLIS, Carillion have stated that they will be re-structuring the services and have warned staff that redundancies are planned.

"Staff have since been told there will be a ‘restructuring’ taking place and in a meeting this morning with Carillion bosses, staff were made aware that redundancies are possible.
Carillion have today confirmed a restructure would be taking place and jobs would be at risk."

This is shocking but not surprising from a firm implicated, along with others, in the blacklisting scandal and accused of bullying staff at a Swindon hospital into accepting cuts to terms and conditions.

Cuts will be made, staff will be lost, the services will ultimately be hollowed out, staff motivation and morale shattered and users served up a sham 2nd class service all in the name of the market and neoliberalism.
And has there been any public consultation on the change of service delivery provider and the proposed changes to the service, well hell no! Transparency, democracy and accountability will be smothered behind the smokescreen of 'commercial sensitivity'.

Statutory public services such as libraries are too crucial and important to be fed to the wolves, it's a bloody disgrace!

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