Wednesday 5 December 2012

Extreme Income Generation, the new reality?

I recently ventured over to Kilburn Library Centre, one of Camden's finest, and was rather taken aback by a public notice pinned to the wall which basically said that if a user forgets their membership card number and asks a member of staff for it they will be charged £1 with "no exceptions"!

I can only imagine the management discussion around this;

"You know how we've cut the staff"
"and the staff we do have are so busy dealing with problems with the self serve machines and everything a team of 6 used to do but now with only 2 and the public have to hunt around or wait longer to speak to one of them"
"Yeah Yeah"
"why don't we piss the public off even more and charge them if they forget their membership numbers"
"oh that's brilliant"

And guess what it's not listed on their web pages as a library charge, funny that!

How many other authorities are penalising their users like this?

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