Monday, 18 June 2012

Have LSSI pulled out of the race for the Wandsworth/Croydon libraries contract?

A little birdie, well actually a Wandsworth Unison source, has just told me that LSSI, the US based private library firm, have pulled out of the procurement process for the joint Wandsworth/Croydon Libraries contract!
If this is true then the major player has rolled over leaving John Laing, GLL, Essex CC and an in-house management bid still in the bed!
If it's not true then i'm sure that either Stuart St V Fitzgerald or Jim Lynch will tell me so?


  1. I'm not sure we can really consider LSSI as a 'major player', can we - what have they actually done to prove their ability to implement in the UK?

  2. Thanks for your comment Anonymous ( it would be nice if you could use your real name!) LSSI are a 'major player' in the sense that they are the biggest in the US and the ones with the most experience of running public libraries, although i agree with you not in the UK!