Thursday, 7 July 2011

LIBRARY “OUTSOURCING” BILL PASSES SENATE POLICY COMMITTEE  - AB438, the bill that would “impose requirements on a city or library district that intends to withdraw from a county free library system and operate libraries with a private contractor.” passed the California Senate Governance and Finance Committee on 6/7/11, this is an important step on its way to becoming part of Californian state law.

"AB 438, as you may recall, is sponsored by the Ventura Reader’s Book Group and supported by SEIU and the California Labor Federation. AB 438 is opposed by the California League of Cities, LSSI, and the California Chamber of Commerce. During debate on the bill, the supporters argued for the protection of jobs and for more public input on the decision to outsource, while the opposition argued that the “practical effect of the bill was to ban cities from contracting out services, which likely means staff layoffs and branch closures.” 

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