Friday, 6 May 2011

The 'Plural Funding' debate!

LSSI for some years have been at the forefront of the argument to introduce 'plural funding', that is more private capital, into the public library system.
Their website outlines their thinking very clearly;
"The fundamental question is whether public libraries can follow the lead of museums, zoos, public broadcasters, performing arts organizations and others that view government as a funding partner, not as a sole source. In the Plural Funding Project, LSSI and a number of forward-thinking librarians, library-directors, and directors of library consortia have joined together to try to find the answer to this question - and to develop the tools and strategies libraries will need to pursue more diversified funding models."
The main instigator is Steve Coffman, Vice President East Coast, he is also responsible for developing 'virtual reference' models which LSSI, and others, use to cut their reference and information budgets!
For opposing views see and

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