Friday, 15 April 2011

LSSI and John Laing express interest in running Camden Libraries

LSSI have made a formal submission and John Laing are still considering their position. A full 'extraordinary' council meeting will be held on Monday 18/4/11 to discuss the issues.

"Jim Lynch, vice president of LSSI, confirmed that he had been looking at making a bid to manage the libraries on behalf of the Town Hall. 
He said: “We visited Camden libraries and  are doing some number crunching. We would be  interested in a management contract. We are confident that we can keep all branches open and sustain current opening hours whilst making significant financial savings."  

"Unison officer Philip Lewis said: “These private companies are like buzzards in the desert picking on the bones of public services. We oppose this. They must be publicly accountable.”
He added he feared that it would lead to hidden charges for users.
“These are private companies who have to turn a profit. It is not a philanthropic venture,” he said."

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