Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Private Eye Library News - LSSI, Croydon and Wandsworth

Issue No. 1203
22 July to 4 August 2011


American outsourcing firm LSSI's ambitions to snap up 15 percent of UK libraries continue apace, as the firm tries to call first dibs on the library service in two London boroughs.

Croydon and Wandsworth chief execs Jon Rouse and Paul Martin jointly held what was described as a "30-minute chat" with Library Systems Services Inc (LSSI).  The councils kept very quiet about this -- Croydon's council leader told his local press he didn't know the meeting was taking place.  But LSSI bosses couldn't help name-dropping places they'd held meetings in an interview with the Sunday Express in June, prompting an outcry from Croydon library campaigners - who had previously been told that there were schools and voluntary groups clamouring to take on local libraries.

Just weeks later the two councils announced a joint market testing exercise to investigate whether a "third party organisation" could offer savings and improvements for the library service.


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