Sunday, 10 September 2017

Libraries SOS Day 19/10/17 - is it enough?

My union, Unison, have announced that 19/10/17 will be a 'Save Our Services' day for public libraries. They will be asking members to post photos/videos on Twitter and Facebook and will be asking local and national decision-makers to take action and councils to commit to providing comprehensive library services.

All great stuff but with 10,000 library workers and 800+ libraries (if you count volunteer-led 'libraries') lost since 2010 is this really enough?

In my opinion we need to do much much more, we need to organise;

a national demo/march pulling together all the effected/interested unions + library users/campaigners + community activists.

a national ballot for a library workers strike or failing this then strategic and co-ordinated action in key councils cutting & closing libraries.

We need to be seen to be fighting back like our sisters and brothers in Unite and the PCS. If we don't fight we'll never win.

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