Friday, 10 May 2013

Savage cuts proposed to Herefordshire's Libraries

The shocking news from Herefordshire CC is that staff have been told that the libraries budget may be cut by 75-80%, that many will lose their jobs and if the proposals go through then only one library would remain open? There is also talk of volunteers and privatisation.
If this does happen it would be a tragedy and a stern test of the 1964 Act.

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Save Herefordshire's Libraries

Save Herefordshire's Libraries



  1. I live in Luston Nr Leominister Herefordshire i use Leominster and Kington Libraries, Ihave been told that these two are to be closied and only Hereford kept open,this will leave a whole area without these important services.Please could the council rethink these these plans.
    Our council tax goes up and the sevicies go down.
    Mike Jones

  2. Thanks Michael for your comment. I too am shocked by the proposals to cut your Library service by 75-80%, if this did go ahead it would leave many communities high and dry and many people who rely on libraries and library staff without a lifeline. What i'm afraid off is that the council is using this shock tactic to soften people up so that they will accept anything that's offered to them. It's a disgrace and needs to be stopped.