Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Public Appeal to stop the privatisation of the Library of Birmingham - CATC - 15/5/13

"This appeal was issued alongside the press release we made on Sunday, the 28th April. However, the day after we issued the press release, the Council Press Office issued its own press release stating that the tendering had been cancelled. On the Tuesday, the Council refused to debate with us on the Adrian Goldberg show (Radio WM), but Adrian also confirmed that the process had been halted, at least for the time being. We see this as a temporary action only (see the article “Rebutting the Rebuttal” below), so the campaign to keep this public investment public must continue. We would be very pleased to receive a comment to this article from the Council saying that this whole rotten process was being abandoned. If not, then silence will speak volumes."

The article referred to above:

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