Sunday, 10 February 2013

LSSI win contract in Palmdale, California.

"On December 5, the Palmdale City Council voted 50 in favor of awarding a contract to

Library Systems & Services, LLC (LSSI) to operate the Palmdale City Library. Under the public

partnership agreement, the library will remain in the public trust, managed by the City of Palmdale and
operated by LSSI."

And here is a copy of the agreement;

which states;

"LSSI will have

the sole and absolute right to hire and or terminate the employment of the Library Staff from

time to time to perform work under this Agreement. However, the City Manager will have

the right to approve the selection of Library Director. Notwithstanding the preceding, LSSI

will interview all current Palmdale City Library staff interested in seeking positions with


One of the questions that LSSI will probably ask existing staff during their re-employment interview is "do you belong to a union" and if they say yes they will probably not offer them a position, they also have a reputation for only employing their own staff.

See the comments at;

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Well talked to the people from LSSI. They are the company that is taking over the Palmdale city library. The city of Palmdale is laying all the library staff off ...

See also;
"A private firm that operates Jackson County's 15 libraries is being forced to recognize that a majority of its employees are members of a union to resolve a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board."
"To achieve profitability, Library Systems & Services typically slashes costs drastically, in part by replacing unionized workers."
"4. Contract with LSSI

LSSI employees are usually not unionized, but
are paid a prevailing wage."


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