Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Texas Public Library Terminates Contract With LSSI - Infodocket - 01/09/12

So it is true then!


"LSSI Vice President Bob Windrow released a short statement Thursday saying the company would work with the city for a smooth transition of services."

"Susan Hauer, LSSI managing director for eastern operations, said the company is often able to negotiate lower prices for items and services because they operate 76 libraries nationwide."

"But commissioners lodged frustration that LSSI routinely refuses to divulge its profit margin. A budget LSSI provided the city last year gives a breakdown of staff costs and material costs — noting there is a 7.5 percent LSSI fee on materials — but does not otherwise outline the company’s fee."

LSSI are very secretive about their profit margins, the data is seen to be 'commercially sensitive' which to me, and the San Juan Commissioners, seems to fly in the face of accountable and open local democracy!

(thanks also to Lori Rivas from the Save Our Santa Clarita Libraries Campaign for verifying this story)

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