Thursday, 24 May 2012

Winckworth Sherwood!

As you may know Public Libraries are being closed down, hollowed out and divested! Apart from private library firms seemingly willing to take on long term contracts for a relatively small profit you wouldn't think that there was much money to be made out of the sector at the moment, well that's were you would be wrong!

Winckworth Sherwood, Solicitors and Parliamentary Agents, have according to their website  "wide-ranging expertise" in procurement, shared services and alternative delivery options, and acts for over 100 local authorities in relation to transfers of services."

One of the firms' partners, Joanna Bussell, recently posted a comment on the South Wales Evening Post website and on the Huddersfield Examiner site proposing that libraries should be handed over to charities! What she forgot to do is mention her interest in the subject, must have been an oversight?

"Joanna specialises in public/private projects and in particular public sector outsourcing. She also advises both central and local government on a wide range of initiatives with particular regard to improving public sector service delivery through innovative work with public, private and voluntary sector partners.
Joanna is widely acknowledged as one of the UK's leading experts in relation to leisure and culture outsourcing projects. Described as the "best in the business", she has particular expertise advising on the establishment of new 'not for profit' organisations to work in partnership with local authorities.
Joanna and her team are also at the forefront of the new “localism” agenda working with local and regional public sector bodies to deliver more efficient and effective services to local communities through joint working and shared services."

In fact I'm surprised that Joanna has time to take a 'personal' interest in Public Libraries, she has been very busy submitting evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Library Closures and co-writing books!

Keep up the good work Joanna, but next time you post a comment please make sure you mention who you work for!

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  1. Just had a look at the link to joanna,s evidence. Sounds so positive then you get to the bits about Hounslow - realising hidden land values - love it!! Easing of duties . No need to adhere to guidance . If only these people were joking.
    Gary Hackney