Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A mutually beneficial arrangement?

LSSI, the US based private library firm, have an office in London at 80 Borough High Street which just happens to be the same address as Sue Hill Recruitment, "a specialist employment agency to the UK information sector, and market research, insight and analysis"
Sue Hill have been involved in the public library recruitment business for years and are widely known and respected and LSSI are looking to snap up public library contracts in the UK!
Dig a little deeper and the relationship becomes clearer!

On 7th June 2010 Sue Hill and LSSI, among others, attended an executive briefing hosted by CILIP (yes CILIP!) entitled 'Alternative Governance and Outsourcing of Public Libraries', in fact they both talk with glowing terms about the day on Sue Hill's blog, Stuart St V Fitzgerald, Vice President of LSSI UK Ltd, even invites interested parties to "consider.....a trip to California and Oregon on one of our study tours"
On 10 Sept 2010 a job advert appeared on JISCMail, an academic on line mailing list, for a
Collection Development Specialist ref 12884P - Saudi Arabia with LSSI UK Ltd as the employer
and Sue Hill as the recruiters!

In fact the relationship is so special that Stuart St V Fitzgerald has Sue Hill Recruitment on his Linkedin profile!

Even that esteemed satirical blog 'CoatesWatch' picked up on the intrigue stating "LSSI's British operation (which intriguingly shares a London office address with the Sue Hill employment agency) has been making overtures to several British library authorities, hoping for easy pickings"
I find all this very interesting don't you?

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