Monday, 28 November 2011

Save the UK's libraries? It's beyond me, admits US guru - Independent - 28/11/11

"An American library firm that entered the UK market to great fanfare earlier this year has had to beat a retreat, admitting that the attempt has been tougher than expected.
A slug of judicial reviews and lack of tenders by local authorities, which are nervous of outsourcing their library services to independent providers, were among the reasons cited."

Well it looks as if LSSI have pulled the plug on their UK aspirations, they have obviously underestimated the level of protest and disinterest here. Their last hopes were pinned on Wokingham, now backtracking, and Croydon/Wandsworth, who don't seem to have any clear plans anymore, in fact they are in a complete pickle! I don't think we should drop our guard completely, they still intend to "continue forging relationships with local authorities" and we still have trusts and volunteers to contend with!
Well done to everyone who campaigned against them, we all deserve a pat on the back.

I'll need to find something new to blog about!

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