Thursday, 27 October 2011

Privatization—and Pushback—Proceed in Santa Clarita - ALA Magazine
How i missed this article from July nobody knows? especially as it mentions my blog!
The thing that always amazes me about the vast majority of articles in the US about library privatisation is the total lack, except for Lori Rivas and some other campaigners, of discussion about the public sector ethos, it's as if privatisation and outsourcing were a god given right and anybody that opposes it is anti-democratic and a 'red under the bed'!

Privatization Showdown Moves to Osceola County, Florida - ALA Magazine

"After several months of rumors about the future of the Osceola Library System that serves Osceola County, Florida, a series of public hearings that began October 25 are seeking to explain why county officials are considering the outsourcing of library services to Germantown, Maryland–based privatization firm Library Systems and Services, Inc., and how LSSI plans to deliver the services sought. Officials seem to have an uphill battle on their hands to sway their constituents, however: The prospect of privatization has already pitted library supporters and the Florida Library Association against the county commission."

see for Florida Library Association response to privatisation proposals

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Save Wokingham Libraries Blog
Campaigning against Wokingham Council's plan to privatise the local library service.

Sanderstead Library Campaign Group blogsite
"We are a campaign group of residents, originally set up to save Sanderstead library and to maintain a professional service at our much loved and well used community library. The campaign has grown wider to include ALL Croydon libraries as they are now under threat. We accept anybody's comments on any aspect of libraries in Croydon."

'Das Defends Library Law' - Santa Barbara Independent 13/10/11

"Admitting that SEIU certainly had come to him with concerns about handing over public libraries to private enterprise, Williams also explained that folks from CAUSE (Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy) and Friends of the Library approached him with their worry about the potential impacts of going private. “I was hearing from everybody what a terrible thing privatizing could be and, as we went along, I received a lot of encouragement from around the state,” said the former Santa Barbara city councilmember. As for accusations about not negotiating with opponents, Williams scoffed and pointed to the fact that the adopted bill did not include his originally proposed voter clause, which would have required a vote of the people before a city could go private, as evidence of his willingness to work with opposing views."

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

'Libraries sell off plan to be reviewed' - Getwokingham 4/10/11

"Controversial plans to put the management of the borough’s libraries out to tender will be reviewed in a full council debate after a petition with 2,374 signatures opposing the decision was handed to the council."

"The Save Our Libraries petition is calling on the council to change its decision because campaigners say the only way a private company will make profit will be to close libraries and increase charges for residents."