Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Harrow Libraries.

'Harrow braced for cuts in library staff under new manager;
Carillion, which has taken over the running of Harrow's 11 libraries, is to review staffing with job losses likely' (27/12/13)

'Positive future' no more as library management company in consultation with staff over redundancies;
Operator of library services in Harrow confirm they are consulting on redundancies.' (19/12/13)


  1. Alan, some good news; the long running dispute Harrow Unison have had with the council, JLIS and now Carillion has paid off as redundancies have been reduced to a only 3/4 posts. Taking into account Voluntary Redundancy requests its likely that no one in Harrow will be forced out. Well done Harrow Unison for continuing its fight.

  2. Utter rubbish. Not good news. Who are you Mr Anonymous, Carillion spy I should think. Managers were forcibly made redundant, no body went for voluntary redundancy. There were tears all round on the leaving day. We are left with 2 "hub managers", who manage 5 libraries each, previously each library had it's own manager. Other staff were forced to go for interview for posts below their previous manager roles, at reduced wages too. A few were offered positions, the rest out the door! Now the libraries are short staffed with some staff not even able to have a tea break, and issues regarding lunch cover. Carillion are now turning their evil eye to the housebound and schools library service to see what they can cut there too. Harrow Unison were unable to prevent anything, merely delay the inevitable.

  3. Today I learnt 2 more disturbing facts.
    Carillion are axing zero hours contracts. Staff will be asked to transfer to a regular contract, at a lower salary, where a position is available, or asked to leave.
    Harrow Council is having a consultation to decide what to close, libraries, or arts centre, or local museum, or children's centres?

  4. Latest breaking news from Harrow council - 4 branches to close. They are Hatch End, Bob Lawrence, Rayners Lane and North Harrow. Shame on Harrow council.