Friday, 3 May 2013

AB 583 (Gomez) Model Support Letter -

'EVERYLIBRARY' is lobbying to close a loophole in state law relating to the privatisation of public library services in California stemming from the AB438 Bill that was passed last year.

see below the model letter they are asking organisation and individuals to sign

"Basically, you just need to ask the Assembly Member to support AB 583 and close the loopholes that allow cities to privatize their libraries without transparency and public involvement."

for more on AB438 see my previous posts on the subject;

and for AB583 see;

"Would provide, until January 1, 2019, that a board of trustees, common council, or other legislative body of a city or the board of trustees of a library district in which a withdrawal from the county free library system becomes effective on or after January 1, 2012, shall comply with certain requirements before entering into a contract to operate the city's or library district's library or libraries with a private contractor that will employ library staff to achieve cost savings. The bill would make conforming and nonsubstantive changes. This bill contains other existing laws."


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