Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL) win Croydon/Wandsworth Libraries contract

I've just been informed that  Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL) have won the Croydon/Wandsworth Libraries contract, the other 2 shortlisted bidders where John Laing Integrated Services (JLIS) and most importantly the inhouse Wandsworth bid from South London Library & Cultural Services (SLLCS), the preferred choice of the unions and current staff. The contract is worth £8.76m (?) and is initially for 8yrs with a possible further 8yr extension.
GLL already manage Greenwich Libraries on a 15yr contract which they where awarded earlier this year despite much protest from the UNITE union, campaigners and library users.


  1. Thanks for the information.

    It will come as no surprise to Croydon residents that information is leaked via other sources before any official announcement is made by our council - paid to serve...or so they say.

    At least Croydon residents will be put out of their misery with this news.

    Those who are aware of the outsourcing exercise will have a renewed focus on finding out what the standards expected as part of this lengthy and expensive contract are - something that has not been shared with the campaign group or residents so far. The library service has been eroded and faltered (and, if I am completely honest - failed in many cases) prior to and during the protracted procurement process.

    Those who are still unaware of Croydon
    Council's failure to not only advise them but to consult them of the outsourcing exercise will be alerted to the plight of our libraries by this news. They will hopefully join with those already in the know to hold not only Croydon Council but GLL to account for standards; a comprehensive service, accessible to all is not unachievable - just apparently beyond the competency of the current administration in Croydon and hopefully GLL can not only restore that for Croydon but add value and make their profit margins.

    It is just a shame that those we elected to serve in Croydon have to admit their inability to manage and I appreciate their candour.

    Let's hope GLL can restore our poor library service by bolstering staff numbers of qualified and experienced staff to drive forward a vision for Croydon that Croydon is incapable of achieving.



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