Sunday, 30 September 2012

LSSI 'fired' in San Juan?

Spotted the following story

Source: Elizabeth Findell, Monitor, August 30, 2012
Maryland-based LSSI has run San Juan's library since 2007, ... The company proposed continuing to operate the library for the current $281,686 annual tab, plus a 3 percent employee cost-of-living increase. Expanded services the city had requested, including additional teen programming, Sunday hours, more books and a seventh employee, would cumulatively add $120,000.... Commissioners declared that cost for the added services unacceptable and nixed the company, overruling Mayor San Juanita Sanchez and opting to see if the city could add hours and staff for less money....

the strange thing is that this is all i can find, the original full-text story has been wiped! Have LSSI blocked it, is it false?

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